Fostering a collective movement

Driving a collective movement

A responsible company cannot exist without its stakeholders being involved in and consulted on its strategic direction and its vision. This is why Valrhona is committed to establishing regular, quality dialogue with all its stakeholders, in order to build a sustainable company that is a great place to work both in and with. 

We make a special effort to listen to and share perspectives with all Valrhona’s employees, so that we can use various training, mobility and inclusion programs as a way of meeting our objectives of development and well-being at work. 

Finally, because our responsibility does not end at our own doorstep, we work to help our customers and suppliers put in place their own sustainable practices.

Our commitment to working collaboratively with stakeholders is an essential part of our efforts to secure B Corp™ certification. We have devoted particularly close attention to this aspect of our work throughout our history, and we hope to have this recognized through this label. 

Our objectives and progress

100% of employees

have a CSR objective in 2020

2% of employees

trained in CSR through "ecodesign" training

78% of employees

think that Valrhona is a good company to work for

100% of sales staff

trained in CSR


Valrhona's mission can only be achieved if its strategy is built and deployed in a logic of co-development and synergy with Valrhona's major stakeholders.

We involve the latter throughout our value chain, taking into account their expectations and the challenges of our businesses, starting with our employees.


As a buyer, it is Valrhona’s responsibility to understand the sector and successfully manage every different aspect of our supply chain.

We have therefore forged strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can co-create a sustainable value chain, long-lasting trust-based relationships, and a shared approach founded on continuous improvement.

Valrhona has its duty to raise suppliers’ awareness about future issues and sustainable practices, as it is this that will enable them to support our company’s development.


It is Valrhona’s responsibility to satisfy every type of customer, whatever their needs.

Valrhona’s 40,000 customers expect not just unique, top-quality products but also, in an increasing number of cases, real support and greater information about the food industry of tomorrow.

Valrhona is doing everything in its power to meet these needs by working with others to create a responsible industry, right down to the consumer level.

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